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Windows 7 Marijuana Edition "Rasta Mania" Juni 2013 x64

Main OS Name:Windows 7 SP1 Professional x64
New OS Name:Marijuana OS 2013 x64
service pack:1
updates:June 2013
Size:4.43GB ISO MODE
Many Tweaks Added and Regs
Is faster Than Before
No need to activate is preActivated
no need Net Framework 4.5incl:Updates is Silent installed!
Activate:Windows loader V2.2.1 (Note After Activated make Restart!
IE10 is unchecked for taskbar But is online for use
if you want!
Now Details of news!

Browers list:
Mozilla Firefox last version!Silent installed
Google Chrome Last Version!Silent install

PLugins and java list:
Adobe.Flash.Player.ActiveX.11.7.700.224.exe Silent install!
Adobe.Flash.Player.Plugin.11.7.700.224.exe Silent install!
Reapers.Adobe.Shockwave.Player. Silent install!
Java.Runtime.AIO. Silent install!

Updates Online list:
Dot.Net.Framework.4.5.AIO.x64.exe Silent install!
Microsoft.Malicious.Software.Removal.5.1 Silent install!
Microsoft.Silverlight.5.1.20125.0.x64.exe Silent install!

Others Apps list:
klcp_975_mega_x86_x64.exe mega Silent install!
Power ISO 5.5.exe Silent install Now crack or key!
USBGuardSetup.exe Silent install!
vlc-2.0.7-win32.exe Silent install!
Windows Loader 2.2.1 Silent install(Make Restart After Finish)

Addons list:
IDM5.18Build4_Addon AddOn!
InstallWatch25c_dual AddOn!
MP3QualityModifier251 AddOn!
7.Zip.9.30. Windows7 AddOn!
Auslogics.Registry.Defrag. Windows7 AddOn!
Auslogics.Registry.Defrag. Windows7 AddOn! Windows7 AddOn!
ClipName.1.3.0.Windows7 AddOn!
CmdOpen. AddOn!
Core.Temp.1.0.RC5.Windows7 AddOn!
Cpu.Z.1.64.0.x64.Windows7 Control.Panel.AddOn!
DAMN.NFO.Viewer.2.10.0032.RC3.x64.Windows7 AddOn!
Defraggler.2.14.706.x64.Windows7 AddOn!
Gimp.2.8.4.Windows7 AddOn!
Gpu.Z.0.7.1.ROG.Windows7 AddOn!
HashCheck. Addon!
HD.Tune.2.55.x64.Windows7 AddOn!
ImgBurn. AddOn!
Inno.Setup.5.5.3.x64.Windows7 AddOn!
IP.Configuration.Manager. AddOn!
Mozilla.Thunderbird.11.0.1.x64.Windows7 AddOn!
NFOPad.1.66.x64.Windows.7 AddOn!
Notepad2.v4.2.25.856.Windows7 AddOn!
PC.Wizard.2012.2.1.1.x64.Windows7 Control.Panel AddOn!
PhotoScape.3.6.2.x64.Windows7 AddOn!
Prime95. AddOn!
Real.Temp.3.7.x64.Windows7 Control.Panel AddOn!
Resource.Hacker. AddOn!
RunAlyzer. AddOn!
Spybot.Search.And.Destroy.1.6.2.Windows7 AddOn!
SpywareBlaster. AddOn!
Startup.Control.Panel.2.8.x64.Windows7 AddOn!
System.Information.Viewer.4.36.Windows7 AddOn!
Universal.Extractor. AddOn!
Whats.In.Startup.1.33.x64.Windows7 AddOn!
WinRar.4.20.x64.Windows7 AddOn!
AutoIt_3.3.6.1_x64_Windows7 AddOn!
Deep_Burner_1.9.0.228_x64_Windows7 AddOn!
Partition_Wizard_Home_Edition_7.0.0.1_x64_Windows7 AddOn!
RegShot_2.0.1.68_Windows7_x64 AddOn!
RunWithParameters2.1.4 AddOn!
SnakeCracker's_BumpTop_1.11 AddOn!
uTorrent1.8.4 AddOn!

What Tweaks Compoments and Etc.Added/Disabled True/false list:
Windows Anytime Upgrade=True
Group Policy=Add
Control panel view=Category
Auto EndTask=Enable
Lowlevel Hooks TimeOut=3000
Wait to Kill Application TimeOut=5000
Show Desktop Icons=Enable
Show run on start menu=Enable
Use small icons=Enable
Add Device Manager=Enable
Add Group Policy=Enable
Add MS-Config=Enable
Add Services=Enable
God Mode=Enable
Change Cursor=Enable
Change Sounds=Enable
Change Theme=Enable
Change Wallpaper=Enable
Desktop Icon Settings=Enable
Registry Editors=Enable
Task Manager=Enable
Copy To=Enable
Move To=Enable
Grant Admin Permission=Enable
Anti spyware=Enable
Windows Firewall=Enable
UXTheme patch=Enable
Command Window Background Colour=Red
Command Window Text Colour=Pink
Faster Browsing With Internet Explorer=Enable
Full Information During Shutting Down=Enable
Low disk space warning=Disable
Show full URL=Enable
Enable Browser Extensions=Enable
IE Phishing Filter=Enable
Accept EULA=True
Select this version on install=True
Setup Language=en-US
ScreenSavers Deleted!
skip product key on setup windows!
skip EULA on setup windows!
Windows Colors Changed!

News Customize List:
New Icons pack!
New Cursors!
New Start Orb!
New Log/on /log/off Wallpapers
New Rolation ORb!
New Welcome on log on!
Wallpapers Desktop:3 New Wallpapers!
New 3 very cool themes!
New FirstUse.wim images/wallpapers

Note 1:Last Picture Enabled Aero!
Note 2: When I finished NetFramework 4.5 existence if you ask restart Press No to continue
then we do 2-3 more Silent install then will automatically restart!
Note 3 Run first on vmware or
1 - Download Windows Marijuana OS 2013 x64 2013
2 - Use power iso or ultra iso to burn Marijuana OS 2013 x64 2013.iso to DVD at a low speed for best results,
3 - When burned load the DVD and let the program install normally, when asked follow onscreen prompts.
4 - for me is better to use DVD/USB tools of windows Microsoft for Faster Installation!
5 - i hope you like my new OS just Seed WhiteDeath



Semoga Bermanfaat. . .

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